Capture, Read, Archive.
Just in three clicks.


Create a Worklist

Through an extremely intuitive user interface, ARIA enables fast access to records and x-ray exams.
You can search using multiple parameters including owner, name, gender, species and more.
In just three steps you can select the study that you wish to use and collect the image.

Select the Anatomical Part

Thanks to over 3000 algorithms you only need to select “anatomy” and “projection” to have the highest quality and highest resolution. ARIA allows the user to easily apply filters and customize settings according to a specific radiological examination or body part.



All the functions you need are just a click away with ARIA.

• Report: you can print the images with the medical report.

• Zoom: different levels of zoom can improve your study.

• Implementation: you can import examinations from other diagnostic systems, linking them all to the desired patient’s record.

• Orthopaedics: thanks to a 1:1 scale measurement you can obtain records precise to millimeter on limbs and anatomical parts examined.

• Diagnostic: you can compare more radiographies for diagnostic study.

The diagnostic image can be viewed and shared out on different screens: this is a feature only ARIA can provide.